Man’s Best Friend – The Dog

Just For Dogs 2

Man’s best friend is commonly referred to as the dog.

Just about everyone I know loves dogs. As a puppy, dogs are so cute and adorable, you know? Seriously, though, how many animals can you baby talk? People tend to love dogs as their own children. I know people who have spent a lot of money on their dogs, buying them gifts for Christmas and their birthdays. I know people that have bought their dog multiple beds to sleep on. I’m not sure if it is so that the dog could have a bed in every room of their house or what. Many people tend to have their dog sleep with them in bed.

People like to exerices with their dogs, taking them for a run or a walk somewhere. People like to take dogs to the park. Dogs tend to love to be with their masters, be in the room with them, and keep them company. I know dogs who become excited and greet you with a nice welcoming every time you come home to them.

Dogs are certainly man’s best friend.