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Here at Just For Dogs, we love the canine variety. We absolutely adore dogs… and if you do not like dogs, then we probably will never be best friends… EVER!!!

Dogs are some of the most enjoyable animals in the world. Dogs like to have fun, chew on bones, run around, and act crazy. I have seen dogs play with their squeaky toys for a while, batting them around and running from one end of the house to the other with them, and wondered, like what did that chew toy say to you to make you hate it so much. The same thing tends to happen with dogs with a tug of war rope toy or something. They seem to like to do that a lot and with raw hide chew bones. They’ll chew on those for a while, throw them around and stuff. And if you try to take it away and throw it, the dog will run after it and bring it back. Dogs like to fetch things.

Dogs also like to sleep a lot, but seem to be on red alert all the time. If a dog is sleeping and some sound erratically wakes it up, the dog would begin barking uncontrollably for a while.